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Cracké Wacky Island

Animation, Children's & Youth, Comedy, Family
English, French

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 52 x 7 min. & 52 x 3 min.

Ed is a single dad ostrich who wants the best for his eight beloved eggs. But it's not always easy to take care of a brood alone, especially when Junior starts to walk and explore the world! Through Ed's overprotective eyes, even the most inoffensive thing, like a raindrop, a coconut or a blooming flower can become a real threat. His actions create unpredictable chains of events that has a direct impact on the entire island... including his new eccentric friends, Percy and Mimi, Crococook and Batty and NapNap.

Fortunately, the island is filled with adorable hedgehogs that ask for nothing but helping the colorful inhabitants of Wacky Island in their zany adventures. They will gladly transform in any object to save the day.... and all that, with a big smile!

In the pure tradition of squash and stretch animation, the wildly imaginative visual storytelling TV series guarantees action, surprises, gags and lots of laughs!


Cast/Participants: N/A

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