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Confucius Was A Foodie II (1-3)


Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 180 min

Celebrations and Festivals: Dumplings, Noodles and Tea!                  

This documentary mini-series (3 x 60) finds Chef Christine Cushing exploring how family occasions and important dates on the Chinese calendar are celebrated with traditional cuisines—in particular with tea, noodles and dumplings, all influenced by the culinary teachings of the 2,500-year-old philosopher Confucius.

In the Chinese culture tea is an important part of observing tradition and is served for every occasion.   Noodles and dumplings are ubiquitous, regardless of the cuisine style.  This mini-series follows the Chinese calendar as well as important festive occasions and three of the most important staples on any festive table:  tea,  noodles and dumplings.  Chef Cushing will look at the cultural practices surrounding festivals and family occasions through the filter of food, history and a wee bit of science.

The primary locations of shooting will be Hong Kong, Taiwan, England, Italy, France, Canada and the United States. Each of the three episodes sees Chef Christine discovering more about the customs and cuisines of Chinese celebration  banquets. 

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Lofty Sky Pictures Inc.