Ces gars-là! III

French (Available subtitled in French)

Sam, a proud Canadian citizen of Indian origin, first languages Punjabi and English. Simon, a died-in-the-wool Québécois with nationalist blood flowing in his veins. Together they make a formidable tag team, thanks to their unbreakable friendship!

Co-written by comedian Samir Khullar (a.k.a. Sugar Sammy) and director/actor Simon Olivier Fecteau, Ces gars-là! is a comedy series with a unique tone, both realistic and irreverent, inspired (in part) by the real lives of its two authors and actors.

Each episode presents an opportunity to dive deep into the social and intimate world of these two mid-30s Montrealers, whose many ups and downs – conquests and disappointments in love, family life, etc. – are always hilarious!

After a second season that won over critics and a large audience, the series is back in winter 2016 with new episodes that promise to have everyone talking. Very promising indeed!

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Zone3 - A média I inc

Cast/Participants: Sugar Sammy; Simon-Olivier Fecteau; Mélissa Poulin-Désormeaux;

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