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Boum, c'est canon! II

Children's & Youth

Boum, c’est canon! is a young people’s quiz show that’s unique in its genre and is sure to be a winner with the whole family. Players (and viewers at home) have fun together, cooperate and answer unusual questions that let them advance along a wild path strewn with special squares.

Are you ready to get bombarded with startling information that’ll make you say “Wow!” or “No!” or “Now I’ve seen it all”?

Ready for a rowdy, daring game that’s sure to be a winner for kids – and parents too?

Ready for 30 minutes of constructive craziness and contagious energy?

Ready for Boum, c’est canon!...?

Every Boum, c’est canon! episode features moderator Pascal Morissette, co-host Pascal Barriault and two teams that face off in a friendly battle. Each team includes one young person and two supporting adults. The key to winning is to play together and trust each other to correctly answer as many questions as they can…each funnier than the ones that came before.

The object of the game is simple. Teams advance along a path with 30 squares, and the team that goes the farthest is declared the winner. Each team follows the same path full of surprising questions, comical images…and of course the famous ”Canon” or “Aspirotron” squares.

Which team will get enough right answers, plus a little luck, to put them in the lead? You’ll have to watch right up to the very end to find out!

Recorded before a live studio audience, with a Pop Art stage set, the series delivers a super-entertaining and eye-catching world for young and old alike.


Cast/Participants: Pascal Morrissette, Pascal Barriault

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