Blue Moon

French (Available subtitled in English)

Region: N/A

Justine Laurier, 31, is on a mission with the Canadian Armed Forces in Africa when she learns about her father’s accidental death. Her homecoming brings about a profound change in her life when she finds out she is now the major shareholder in Blue Moon, a private security firm founded by her father. Benefiting from numerous contracts awarded through political connections at the highest level, Blue Moon is a secretive company in expansion mode with a very impressive cash flow.

After some hesitation, Justine Laurier decides to join Benoit Lebel in senior management at Blue Moon. As co-founder of the company with Justine’s father, Benoit welcomes the young woman with open arms. But appearances can be deceiving, and while Justine is like a close family friend, Benoit doesn’t thinks she has what it takes to be a part of the organization. His many attempts to convince Justine to sell him her shares fall on deaf ears. Under orders from the highest authorities in the land, Blue Moon’s covert operations border on the illegal, and Benoit is worried that Justine might stick her nose into the illicit activities of his group.

But then Justine starts questioning everything. Her research leads her to believe that her father’s death wasn’t an accident after all. Not only does she start wondering about the real reasons behind Blue Moon’s clandestine activities, she incurs the wrath of some big players in the underworld after she aborts a major arms trafficking deal. Relations between Justine and Benoit start to really go south when she says that the death of her father was a murder disguised as an accident.

Benoit realizes that the rules of the game have to change. He can’t risk letting Justine dig any deeper. He tries to stop her once again but comes up against a young woman totally determined to uncover the truth.

Justine now doubts everyone. Although she can count on the support of her team, she quickly realizes that Benoit Lebel has not told her the full story. His relationship with the country’s top authorities does buy him some time. But soon things really start to degenerate. A standoff begins between the duos of Justine Laurier and Bob Ryan against Benoit Lebel and Milan Garnier.

Justine’s quest is clear: she wants to know who killed her father and, above all, to get to the true motives behind the murder. Although she suspected organizations that revolve around Blue Moon, she will see that her mother’s suicide and her father’s death are intimately intertwined. Is it all part of a grand conspiracy or simply a love triangle with a bad ending? Benoit is about to give her the answer.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Aetios Productions

Cast/Participants: Karine Vanasse, Luc Picard, Patrice Godin, Éric Bruneau, Caroline Dhavernas

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