Best Served Cold

Comedy, Reality

Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Logline: When people want revenge but don’t know how to get it, they turn to Gabby Gulch, the revenge expert, TV host and ticking time bomb whose bubbly passion for helping people get even usually goes way waaaay too far…


Best Served Cold

A scripted TV comedy by Jeremy Friedmann and David Tobiasz

“I’m doin’ just great!” —Gabby Gulch


Has someone pissed you off? Done you wrong? Screwed you over? Did you want to get revenge on them? Nothing drastic or illegal, just something to get even. Of course you did: you’re only human. Odds are you didn’t actually go through with it, though. Either you lost the nerve or thought better or didn’t know where to start. Still, some part of you wishes you had, right? Well now that part of youcan, simply by tuning in to Best Served Cold! 

Best Served Cold is an original half hour scripted comedy and reality show parody, in the vein of Nathan for You or Review, hosted by Gabby Gulch, the (fictional) revenge expert who helps everyday people get sweet cold revenge on those who’ve wronged them. At first blush, Best Served Cold will strike viewers as a breezy and harmless how-to reality TV show, the everyday fare they’d expect to see on HGTV or Food Network. In mere seconds, however, they’ll realize that Best Served Cold and Gabby Gulch are anything but. Each episode, Gabby solicits a new revenge mission from the public or fields a call-in request for revenge help from a loyal viewer. From there, Gabby does recon on the target, researches and designs a custom made revenge plan, and then finally puts her plan into action—usually to risky and disastrous effect.

But will Gabby’s enthusiasm, pluck and general disregard for societal norms eventually become a problem for those around her like her intern Steve, producer Evan, skeptical crew, or ex-fiancé Luke? Over ten episodes in the first season, the revenge plans grow more ambitious, dangerous and out of control with an increasingly erratic Gabby at the helm—culminating (spoiler alert) in a massive church fire that leaves Luke’s wedding in ashes, and Gabby’s show, relationships and future, in doubt. 

That is, until we find out at the start of season two that everything worked out just great and Gabby triumphantly returns to dispense yet more of her unique brand of televised justice, and prove once again that revenge truly is a dish Best Served Cold.

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