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From the Emmy award winning makers of “This is Daniel Cook”, “Are we there yet?: World Adventure”, and “Dino Dan”, “ANNEDROIDS” is a new live-action/CGI blended series that follows the adventures of Anne, a budding scientist, who builds robots to help her perform experiments.

“Annedroids” is the story of genius scientist Anne (Addison Holley), her friends Nick (Jadiel Dowlin) and Shania (Adrianna Di Liello), and her android creations Hand, Eyes and Pal (Millie Davis) as they embark on the biggest experiment of them all: growing up.

“Annedroids” features photo-real CGI android characters in a gritty live action world. It's a series that celebrates science, technology, engineering and math and does it all through the lens of an 11-year old girl. There's nothing Anne likes more than getting her hands dirty to make things, breaking things apart to see how they work, and mixing things together to see that happens. Anne takes the stereotype of a typical tween girl and busts it right open.

Anne likes to push the boundaries of what’s scientifically possible. This is a girl who’s built three androids on her own: PAL, who is fascinated by everything and loves asking questions; EYES, whose ability to see things from all angles can get him into trouble; and HAND, who’s strong and dependable but a little bit clumsy. Anne’s experiments always lead to unforeseen complications, hijinks and misadventures. And that’s where Anne’s assistants Nick and Shania come in – Nick and Shania have an uncanny way of figuring out the real life solutions to Anne’s scientific problems. Needless to say, when Anne, Nick, Shania and the androids work together, the results are far from predictable.

“Annedroids” defies boundaries, breaks down barriers and starts conversations – but, even beyond all that, it's an exciting, entertaining, enlightening and educational series which the whole family will enjoy.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Sinking Ship Entertainment

Cast/Participants: Addison Holley, Jadiel Dowlin, Adrianna Di Liello, and Millie Davis

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