Aller simple : Haïti


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

After the earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince in 2010, hundreds of Quebecers flew to the Caribbean to help a country in dire need. For Carla, Georges, Ishmaël, Géraldine, Guy-Olivier, and Régine, what started off as a journey of a few weeks turned into a one-way trip back home. If the idea of helping their neighbours was originally their main motivation, they quickly fell in love with the Pearl of the West Indies, and above all, with the warm-hearted people living there, and their sincere desire to finally live as free men and women in a country with a long and tragic history of political crises and natural disasters. Despite the major differences with life in Quebec and the seemingly endless needs in rebuilding Haiti, the visitors are determined to stay and play an active role in the country’s revival.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Productions Pimiento

Cast/Participants: Will Prosper, Carla Beauvais, Anthony Kavanagh, Géraldine Piquion, Georges Simeon, Régine Alexandre, Guy-Olivier Jeanty, Ishamël Mevs, Schnéidine Phidelmond, Davidson Destinobles

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