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Wet Bum


Sam is a self-conscious and stubborn 14-year-old girl, finding it difficult to fit in. She finds strength in the underwater world her lifeguard course provides. But insecurity takes over when her unwillingness to change out of her bathing suit in front of the more developed girls becomes a point of ridicule. It’s this fear that leaves her with a wet bum. Her solace from the bullying is Lucas, her handsome and empathetic lifeguard instructor, who reaches out to help.

After a skinny dipping prank goes awry, her mom punishes Sam by making her work cleaning the family-run retirement home. As the days pass, Sam develops unexpected friendships with two of the retirement home’s residents, who teach her about growing up...and growing old.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Clique Pictures ,Devonshire Productions ,Buck Productions

DIRECTOR: Lindsay MacKay

Cast/Participants: Julia Sarah Stone, Craig Arnold, Kenneth Welsh, Leah Pinsent, Diana Leblanc, Jamie Johnstone, Jenna Nye

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Awards & Nominations


Canadian Screen Awards



Canadian Society of Cinematographers Awards



Canadian Cinema Editors Awards