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The Unseen

Drama, Horror, Mystery/Crime/Detective, Science-fiction/Fantasy, Suspense/Thriller
English (Available subtitled in English)

Eight years ago Bob Langmore abruptly left his wife Darlene and their daughter Eva behind and isolated himself in a small northern town. There he works in a saw mill, lives alone and keeps very much to himself. Bob has made this sacrifice because he has a condition – one unlike any other seen before. Bob is becoming invisible. Not in the clean “Invisible Man” sort of way, but in an irregular, random and gradual complete loss of pigment in his skin. Bob had recognized that his condition, if discovered, would have destroyed his life and that of his family. So, Bob hides it from the world. When Darlene reaches out to him, he returns to the city for one last chance to reconnect with Eva, and say goodbye. When she goes missing, Bob must risk exposing his secret to find his daughter.


DIRECTOR: Geoff Redknap

Cast/Participants: Aden Young, Julia Sarah Stone, Camille Sullivan, Ben Cotton, Allison Araya

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