The Saver

Drama, Family
English (Available subtitled in French)

After her mother's sudden death, teenaged Fern decides to strike out on her own to avoid being another orphan kid in the system. Inspired by a selfhelp book, she replaces her grief with the quest to become a millionaire. "All you have to do is save!" With Youth Protection at her heels, she lies to get a job as a live-in janitor (free housing), and then another in a restaurant (free food), collecting whatever she can find along the way. Despite her determination and smarts, Fern's house of cards beings to crumble – until she finds out that she cannot run from her grief and needs to reach out to the ones she’s been pushing away.


Cast/Participants: Imajyn Cardinal, Pascale Bussieres, Brandon Oakes, Hamidou Savadogo, Alexandre Landry, Paul Spence

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