The Outlaw League

French (Available dubbed in English)

Twelve-year-old Nicolas has to use cunning and determination to reclaim the village baseball field that the mayor wants to turn into a municipal dump. The other kids make him head of their group in the hope that he’ll save their field. More people join in and Nicolas learns the hard lessons of leadership. He also wants to re-establish his relationship with his grandfather, Jérémie, who started drinking after the death of his son, Nicolas’s father. Despite the obstacles he faces, Nicolas succeeds in rallying the local kids and young tourists in a happy and motley “league of outlaws.”


Coproduction Partner(s): Connection Productions

Cast/Participants: Guy Thauvette, André Kasper, Charles Gillespie, Lambert Legendre, Valérie Blais, Marie-Jo Thério, Gildor Roy

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