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The Education of Fredrick Fitzell

Drama, Science-fiction/Fantasy

Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2019

Duration: 112 mins

FREDRICK FITZELL is facing the crisis of finding himself on the precipice of full blown adulthood. Letting go of youthful dreams of being an artist and taking a corporate job to pay the bills. Moving into a new home with a longtime girlfriend pressuring for commitment. And dealing with a beloved mother on her deathbed who doesn’t have much time left.

After a chance encounter with a long-forgotten man from his past, Fred is hit with a series of surreal and terrifying flashbacks and experiences from his teens when he ingested a mysterious drug called MERCURY.

Wanting desperately to understand these strange visions, Fred embarks on a journey into his own past. As the recollections of his high school days become more vivid, so do his memories of CINDY, a girl Fred still pines for. A girl no one has seen in years.

Tracking down his old drug buddies, Fred attempts to solve the mystery of what happened to Cindy and piece together the fragmented recollections of a mysterious creature they all perceived while on Mercury.

As past and present begin to intersect and parallel each other, Fred and his friends return to the last place anyone saw Cindy alive.  Coming face to face with strange time-travelling beings, of whom Cindy is now one of, Fred has the shocking realization that the memory he’s been chasing is not a memory at all. It is in fact still unfolding in the present and Fred’s entire perception of time is exposed as illusion.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Fred Fitzell Films Inc.

Cast/Participants: Dylan O'Brien, Hannah Gross, Keir Gilchrist, Emory Cohen, Maika Monroe