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Tasmanian Devils

Action/Adventure, Horror, Suspense/Thriller

Five American B.A.S.E. jumpers fly their helicopter to a remote mountain range in Tasmania. Their plan is to jump off Blood Mountain, land in the forest below and get out before the forest rangers arrest them.  But, as one of the characters says later on, “man plans, God laughs”.

The Internet mogul known as Stone (Apolo Ohno) lands hard on the forest floor and falls through into a cave, impaling himself on a stalagmite. As the life seeps out of him, his blood dripping into ritual pools on the stone floor awakens six supernatural beings - Tasmanian Devils - savage hunters whose task it is to kill the invaders.

While the other jumpers rush to rescue their friend, unaware of his fate, the rangers responsible for the park have spotted the copter and are on their way to arrest them. Alex (Danica McKellar) is the junior ranger on the team. She is an American who has studied Tasmanian folklore and is about to get more field experience than she could ever want.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Original Pictures Inc.

Coproduction Partner(s): Vesuvius Productions

DIRECTOR: Zach Lipovsky

Cast/Participants: Danica McKellar, Kenneth Mitchell, Roger Cross, Mike Dopud, Terry Chen, Rekha Sharma and Apolo Ohno