Reasonable Doubt


After celebrating the birth of his daughter, assistant district attorney Mitch Brockden decides to drive home – intoxicated. On his way home, he hits a pedestrian. His thoughts on his family and career, he flees the scene. The next day he learns that a man named Clinton Davis has been arrested for the murder of Cecil Akerman, the man Mitch hit. Mitch can’t reveal the truth without implicating himself. Pressured by his morals, he attempts to do the right thing by getting himself installed as the prosecution attorney and throwing the case against Davis. With help from an unexpected source he is successful, and Davis is acquitted. But Mitch has unwittingly put his and his family’s life in danger.


Coproduction Partner(s): South Creek Pictures

DIRECTOR: Peter P. Croudins

Cast/Participants: Dominic Cooper, Samuel L. Jackson, Gloria Reuben, Ryan Robbins, Erin Karpluk, Dylan Taylo