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In ancient China, Princess Lian and her younger brother, Zhao flee for their lives after their father, the Emperor, is murdered by his ambitious eldest son, Shing. Pursued by Shing's soldiers, the royal runaways enlist battle weary Briton, Arken, who's wandered east to escape the horrors of the Crusades. An unlikely romance blooms between the refined Han princess and the rough English man of war. Arken, haunted by a secret from his past, finds redemption through the journey as he risks all for Lian and Zhao escorting them to safety. Worlds collide as Arken reunites with his mentor to face an epic battle and successfully save the kingdom from Shing’s violent rule while Arken regains his humanity in the process.


Coproduction Partner(s): Yunnan Film Group

DIRECTOR: Nicholas Powell

Cast/Participants: Hayden Christensen, Nicolas Cage, Andy On, Liu Yifei, Bill Su Jiahang, Coco Wang