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One Day in The Life of Noah Piugattuk

English (Available dubbed in Aboriginal & subtitled in English)

Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 90

Born in 1900, passing away in 1996, Inuit leader Noah Piugattuk’s life history is the story of Canada’s Inuit 20th century. One Day in the Life of Noah Piugattuk compresses Piugattuk’s 96-year lifetime into a dramatized film portrait of one day in his life, a 24-hour day hunting seals on the spring sea ice near Igloolik on north Baffin Island in May 1961, when the sun never sets. This storyline of Piugattuk’s life is revealed dramatically through one day , by watching Piugattuk pass through it where Time is the subject . In his time-lapse day, seeming random and ordinary, we see hints of the century behind him: Piugattuk and his band hunt seals the same way his ancestors hunted on the day he was born in 1900; Anglican-Catholic tension since the 1920’s blocks Piugattuk’s daughter’s interest in a young man from the other religious side. When the character of Boss appears for a friendly visit to Piugattuk’s hunting camp, momentous change appears in what looks like an accidental encounter. With a revolver on his belt and lots of tea and sugar to share, Boss reveals to Piugattuk the irresistable power of governments willing to wage world wars to get their way. Like every human story, ours is more complex than it looks. While Piugattuk and other Inuit foresee the inevitable loss of independence in a Canadian future, they still believe in enduring strength of Inuit values, working together for a common purpose to adapt resourcefully to unexpected circumstances. Inuit-style filmmaking invites audiences to think for themselves about what they see and understand. There’s a story in the film and there’s the story of the film. The fact that Inuit today make a state-of-the-art digital film telling our story to Inuit and world audiences already proves the resilient power of Inuit culture to adapt to an ever-changing world. One Day in the Life of Noah Piugattuk offers truth and reconciliation as 21st century media art from the Inuit point of view.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Kingulliit Productions Inc.

DIRECTOR: Zachrias Kunuk


Cast/Participants: Apayata Kotierk, Benjamin Kunuk, Kim Bodnia

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