Nouvelle Adresse


Three weeks have gone by since Nathalie’s death. The children have gone back to school, and rejoined their sweethearts and friends. Émile and Léa seem to be accept their mother’s dying wish and are carrying on their life as best they can. For Romy, things are more complicated…

Oliver assumes, though not without some obstacles, his major role as guardian, while Laurent, though officially divorced, is plagued with questions about who Julia’s real father is. Magalie, a happy but anxious mother, is no longer the detached woman viewers have known before. But the Lapointe siblings today are a more tightly knit family than ever.

For Janine and Gérard, seeing their “baby” die has been a terrible ordeal. While Jean-Daniel makes choices that will have him scrambling, Danielle loses her footing and wallows in excesses: rage, tears…and alcohol.

Living without her. Living still. In spite of the worst possible outcome. Now this is the year to rebuild.


Cast/Participants: Macha Grenon, Patrick Hivon, Jean-François Pichette, Monia Chokri, Marguerite Bouchard, Antoine Pilon, Jade Charbonneau, Pierre Curzi, Muriel Dutil, Macha Limonchik, Sophie Prégent, Benoit Gouin, Pierre-Yves Cardinal, Rachel Graton, Jean-Nicolas Verreault

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