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Montréal la blanche

French (Available subtitled in English)

In Montreal, one evening when Christmas has fallen during Ramadan, the Muslim fast, the paths of two Algerians cross momentarily, resurrecting a past they thought was long buried. Amokrane, a taxi driver, has fled his home and the festivities on the grounds that it will be a profitable night to work. He picks up Kahina, a young, slightly disoriented professional who is attempting to contact her ex-husband to collect her daughter and head for an obscure destination up north. Amokrane recognizes Kahina as his idol, a former pop star in Algeria, who he thought was dead. This sets the stage for the collision of their personal dramas and their solitudes. Through the rear view mirror, Algeria surfaces, reaching into the silence in a procession of shadows and sorrows believed to be buried under the Montreal snow.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Stéphane Tanguay et Cédric Bourdeau ,Productions Kinesis

DIRECTOR: Bachir Bensaddek

Cast/Participants: Karina Aktouf, Rabah Aitouyahia, Pierre Lebeau, François Arnaud

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