Love in the Time of Civil War

French (Available subtitled in English)

Alex is a young drug addict working as a prostitute in the Centre-Sud area of Montreal. He hangs out with Bruno, Simon, Jeanne, Éric, and Velma – all caught in the same spiral of compulsion. Hostages in a society that entraps them with its unremitting commercial logic, they are fallen angels in a violent and dark age. Possessed of neither past nor future, they drag their arrogant loneliness through a present punctuated by the searing gestures of their frantic consumption. Amid the ruins, their beauty remains rebellious. Between fixes, they cling to desire, and their exultant bodies exact revenge for the humiliation imposed upon them. Utterly alone, the children of this wild tribe love, and wander endlessly in the darkness of our comfort and our indifference.


DIRECTOR: Rodrigue Jean

Cast/Participants: Alexandre Landry, Jean-Simon Leduc, Simon Lefebvre, Catherine-Audrey Lachapelle, Ana Christina Alva, Éric Robidoux