Level 16

Drama, Suspense/Thriller

Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 1:43:38

The Vestalis Academy, a unique orphanage for beautiful girls, has been Vivien’s home for as long as she remembers. She keeps to herself, enforces the school rules and sticks her neck out for no one.

Until Vivien is reunited with Sophia: her former best friend and the girl who betrayed her when they were ten. In a place where feelings are suppressed and friendship is forbidden, the two girls form an uneasy alliance. And when students begin to fall ill, and others disappear, Vivien and Sophia begin to investigate.

When Vivien is punished for disobedience, Sophia determines to start their escape plan but wounds a school guard. Retribution is swift and Sophia is taken away. Desperate to find her friend, Vivien breaks into the restricted area of the school to discover not only Sophia, but the school’s dark secret.

Now running for their lives, Vivien and Sophia have but one choice – to save themselves and the other girls – or die trying.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Markham Street Films Inc.

DIRECTOR: Danishka Esterhazy

SCRIPTWRITERS: Danishka Esterhazy

Cast/Participants: Katie Douglas, Celina Martin, Sara Canning, Peter Outerbridge

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