Les Maîtres du suspense


Successful author Hubert Wolfe is living a life of extreme tension. His success and his status depend completely on the preservation of a big secret: he has stopped writing. His output is created by Dany Cabana – an unknown writer whose authenticity is matched only by his antisocial behaviour. When Dany's wife leaves him, taking their son with her, he quits and Hubert engages Quentin, a soft-hearted author of children’s stories. Quentin then sets off for Louisiana to find Alyssa, obliging Hubert and Dany to plunge into a disturbing world in a lost corner of the United States. Far from their usual familiar turf, each man begins to discover who he truly is and, ultimately, to rewrite his own life.


DIRECTOR: Stéphane Lapointe

Cast/Participants: Michel Côté, Antoine Bertrand, Robin Aubert, Anna Hopkins, Maria de Medeiros, Anne Casabonne, Paul Savoie

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