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Learning to Ride


Canadian Release Date: August 13, 2015

Abby (Camille Stopps) and Ryan (Aaron Chartrand) shared a relationship that was unremarkable in almost every way. They met, fell in love, gradually grew apart and decided to go their separate ways. From the outside, it was a very typical relationship. Almost a full year removed, they've moved on with their lives.

But when, for the first time since the break-up, they see each other on a city sidewalk, a wave of disjointed memories suddenly crashes over them. What follows is an emotional journey as the pair begin to wonder what went wrong between them, if they made a mistake, and whether they'll ever feel that kind of happiness with anyone else ever again.

In this honest and intimate story, Learning to Ride is a look at first love, the intricacies of a relationship and how two people learn to truly understand what it means to love someone.

Learning to Ride is the first feature film from writer-director Michael Hanley.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Yet Another Untitled Productions

DIRECTOR: Michael Hanley

Cast/Participants: Camille Stopps, Aaron Chartrand, Amanda Butko, Jodi Haynes, Tyler Metcalf

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