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Le Mirage

Comedy, Drama

Le Mirage recounts Patrick’s routine, his family, and the people around him, living life at full throttle in order to find “happiness” – a state that in theory puts us above everyone else and makes us the envy of all. This so-called happiness must apply to work, home, and social life and every day we restart the process of trying to achieve it. Unfortunately, this sense of achievement and fulfillment is less and less lived internally. Unhealthily, it is experienced through the eyes of others. Man seems to draw his happiness from the way others see him, but these brief instances of happiness are converted to pride, often pushing people of my generation towards a goal which wasn’t theirs to begin with. It belongs to others and serves no purpose for us. Everything is done for appearances. Until the day that life catches up with them and reminds them that they haven’t become what they wanted to be.

Our society has become all about consumerism, if not excess. Consuming has become proof of success and also the band-aid solution for an empty existence. As if consuming gave the illusion of having the upper hand on a life that we regret.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Christal Films Productions

DIRECTOR: Ricardo Trogi

Cast/Participants: Louis Morissette, Julie Perreault, Christine Beaulieu, Patrice Robitaille

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