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Le coeur régulier

French (Available subtitled in English)

Alice, separated from her brother for too long, goes to seek him out in Japan, in a timeless village at the base of the cliffs. Here, Nathan found reassurance with a man called Daïsuke. Now it is Alice’s turn to approach the old man and his guests. In an atmosphere that captures Japan’s character, she begins once more to listen to her heart...

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Need Productions (Belgique) ,Blue Monday Productions (France)

Coproduction Partner(s): Corporation ACPAV (Canada), Productions Avenida (Canada), RTBF (Belgique), Proximus (Belgique)

DIRECTOR: Vanja d'Alcantara

Cast/Participants: Isabelle Carré, Jun Kunimura, Niels Schneider, Fabrizio Rongione, Mugi Kadowaki, Massanobu Ando