Kept Woman

Drama, Suspense/Thriller
English (Available dubbed in French)

Region: N/A

Canadian Release Date: March 01, 2015

Jessica and her fiancé Evan could not be happier. They've just moved from the city into their dream home on a quiet suburban street. But soon after moving in, Jessica catches her seemingly friendly new neighbor, Simon, in a strange lie and can't let her suspicions rest. The danger escalates when Simon lures her inside his home and imprisons her in his secret bunker, meticulously decorated in the idealized style of a 1950's home. There she meets Robin, a woman who's been held captive and brutally brainwashed by Simon into living as his faithful companion - a fate that Jessica now seems destined for unless she can somehow find a way to escape from Simon’s bizarre prison.


DIRECTOR: Michel Poulette

SCRIPTWRITERS: Doug Barber, James Phillips

Cast/Participants: Courtney Ford, Shaun Benson, Andrew W. Walker, Rachel Wilson, Troy Blundell, Jesse Camacho

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Awards & Nominations


Directors Guild of Canada Awards



Canadian Screen Awards



Writers Guild of Canada Screenwriting Awards



Banff World Media Festival Rockie Awards



Leo Awards