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John A: Birth of a Country

Drama, Historical Drama
English (Available dubbed in French)

Conditions before Confederation (1856-1864) did not look promising, especially with the dramatically different visions offered by John A. Macdonald and his bitter opponent, George Brown.

An equal number of seats for Ontario and Quebec paralysed the legislature and heightened French-English tensions. And after rioters burned down the legislative buildings in Montreal, no one could agree on a capital, forcing officials to alternate between Toronto and Quebec City.

The US was watching: During the Civil War, Washington threatened to take over Canada once it defeated the Confederacy. And Britain, coming out of costly Crimean War, couldn’t afford to arm or protect Canada.

That’s when Macdonald took control of the Conservative Party, making it dominant by forging a deal with the French. Then he initiated the startling political strategy that eventually created of Canada. 

DIRECTOR: Jerry Ciccoritti

Cast/Participants: Shawn Doyle, Peter Outerbridge, David La Haye, Aidan Devine, Michelle Nolden, Peter MacNeill, Cedric Smith, Rob Stewart, Ted Atherton, Patrick McKenna

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