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Drama, Suspense/Thriller
French (Available subtitled in English)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 93 minutes

Caught between vice, lust and love, Christopher Bégin begins to make his way through adulthood, living in the fast lane fraught with lies and trickery. Driven by his desire to protect his mother, Chris meets his mentor Roger, a masterful conman who will guide his protégé towards the darkest corners of human nature, until the day Chris’ path crosses that of Gabrielle. Suddenly, the consequences of the choices made by Chris can be felt by those he treasures most. Inspired by a true story, uncover the destiny of a young man from a good family who becomes an effective and seductive con artist, crushing the dreams of innocent people in his wake...


Cast/Participants: Samuel Thivierge, Samy Naceri, Léa Girard-Nadeau, Gilbert Sicotte, avec Jacynthe René, et Frédéric Gilles