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English (Available dubbed in Bilingual & subtitled in Bilingual)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2017

Canadian Release Date: May 01, 2018

Duration: 90 minutes

GIFT is a feature‐length documentary and cross-media project inspired by Lewis Hyde’s classic bestseller The Gift. It chronicles gift-­based cultures, both traditional and emerging – which propose a radically different conception of society. Challenging the logic of global capitalism, growing in influence, their stories offer “an emergent, irreverent, rule­‐breaking search for a new way to relate to the world, and to each other.”


Richly cinematic and politically provocative, GIFT interweaves character‐driven stories: on North America's Pacific Northwest Coast, the community undertakes the elaborate preparations for a potlatch. Through performance art in Melbourne and Auckland, artist Lee Mingwei invites visitors to receive the personal gift of a song from an opera singer.  At the Burning Man festival in the desert, a mutant bumblebee art car distributes honey in a post-­apocalyptic desert landscape.  And in Rome, Italy, where a factory occupied by migrants becomes a center for underground art, we follow a story of cohabitation, about sharing and political engagement.


Is life about getting, or giving? What if we measured success by our ability to give? In a gift-­based world, the needs of the rest of the community would define a purpose to life. GIFT offers a playful subversion of the so‐called "laws" of economics -imagining a different approach to giving and receiving, and exploring the contradictions that arise. 

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Intuitive Pictures

Coproduction Partner(s): Gaudete Films

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