Cubicle Warriors


Cubicle Warriors is a quirky office comedy about two best friend university grads, Neal and Isaac, who get hired at a top investment bank. It’s a dream job for them. But on their first day of work they discover that their boss plans to create a crooked student loan deal that will make him and his cronies rich – by bankrupting students. Neal and Isaac embark on a risky mission to stop the deal. Add to the mix the boss’ arrogant son, a sexy secretary with a penchant for rough sex, and a cynical, overworked lawyer, and you’ve got a funny, fast-paced film that is equal parts coming-of-age story and a buddy-caper-comedy.


DIRECTOR: Jeff Stephenson

Cast/Participants: Michael Seater, Joe Dinicol, Alan Thicke, Laura Vandervoort, Brandon Firla, Grace Lynn Kung

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