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Roof Runners

English, French (Available subtitled in English)

Canadian Release Date: February 25, 2015

From December to March, Félix, Julien, Éric and Charles, along with other member of their seasonal snow-removal crew, confront the cold Quebec winter to work suspended above the city streets. The crew is known as the “Snow Squad.” Every winter, as they have been for the last 10 years, they can be seen perched on the steep-sloped roofs of Old Quebec. These “spider-men” scale the roofs, shovel snow and remove icy build-ups. They protect both buildings and pedestrians in this historic district from the dangers posed by the northern climate: heavy dumps of snow, chunks of falling ice that can sometimes be fatal. Beyond their work, however, somewhere between the sky, the city and the river, they have found a temporary oasis of freedom.


DIRECTOR: Helgi Piccinin

Cast/Participants: Julien-Pierre Labadie-Lafrance, Éric Deschênes, Charles Roberge, Félix Lambert, Camille Tousignant

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