Lavaltrie,1888. Joe Lebel and Liza Gilbert are in love. But Liza has a debt. She had no idea but, 22 years ago, her father made an occult pact, which he then broke. Today, the sinister Jack Murphy arrives in town, intending to make someone pay. Shortly after, a suspicious fire forces Joe to return to the logging camps. The notary Boisjoli has an eye for the lovely Liza…and winter set in. The camp seems cursed and, without news from her lover, Liza begins to have doubts. Will Joe be able to return from the camps and unravel the web of obscure forces? His ultimate hope, his last resort is perhaps…a final Chasse-Galerie.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Christal Films Productions ,Films du Boulevard

DIRECTOR: Jean-Philippe Duval

Cast/Participants: Francis Ducharme, Caroline Dhavernas, François Papineau, Samian, Fabien Cloutier, Vincent-Guillaume Otis