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Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 96:16 Minutes

Fatima Jackson-Aziz is a typical Toronto girl.  She is mixed race, with a Middle Eastern Father and small-town Ontario Mother and she considers herself to be Muslim. She studies Engineer and she wears a hijab.  And like many young people in the big city, she doesn’t know where she fits in.  The traditional gender roles advocated by her uncle, a well respected Imam in Canada, don’t really sit well with her.  Her father is a modern man and encourages her to embrace her Canadian culture. When her uncle ruffles her feathers, her naturally rebellious spirit takes her to a Cabaret show, and she becomes completely enchanted. She falls in very easily the the dance troupe of crazy characters who accept her with all her idiosyncrasies.  But modern as he may be, when her father finds out she is performing in a Burlesque show, he can’t cope.  Fatima must reconcile her old self with her new and decide which family is more important to her.  It is a story of finding your tribe, following your passion, and embracing your uniqueness. 

PRODUCTION COMPANY: 2531852 Ontario Inc. ,Jackie English Productions ,Casting Link Services inc.

DIRECTOR: Jackie English


Cast/Participants: Shiva Negar, Khalid Klein, Hrant Alianak, Severn Thompson, Sam Kalilieh

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