An En Vogue Christmas


Canadian Release Date: November 22, 2014

While Young KENDALL THOMAS was growing up she spent much of her time around the Opera House, a club owned by her father KENT and her UNCLE MARTY. Her favourite of all the bands that played there was En Vogue. But 20 years later, the ladies of En Vogue, TERRY, CINDY and RHONA, no longer appear together and the Opera House is facing a Christmas foreclosure. After the unexpected death of her father 10 years ago, Kendall cut off ties to En Vogue and Marty. But now, Marty appeals to her to save the club. Kendall recalls the one promise she made to her Dad that she would take care of the Opera House. She believes there's only one thing that can save it, and that's the reunion of the three women who meant the most to the club – En Vogue. Reuniting Terry, Cindy and Rhona is a tough sell and saving the club is a huge ask because the members of En Vogue all believe that Marty stole from them and ended their careers. But, no one can say “no” to Kendall and she uses her persuasive powers to work her way back into Cindy, Terry and Rhona's lives – and their hearts. Can she convince them to reunite for one more Christmas concert that will save the Opera House? It’s touch and go. The ladies’ own insecurity and their continuing distrust of Marty threatens everything Kendall has worked for. But what happened between Marty and En Vogue is not as it seems and Kendall learns more about her father's past than she bargained for. Can Kendall and En Vogue find forgiveness in time for one last spectacular show?

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Original Pictures Inc.

DIRECTOR: Brian K. Roberts

Cast/Participants: Genelle Williams, Terry Ellis, Cindy Herron-Braggs, Rhona Bennett, David Alan Grier, Max Topplin, Eugene Clark, Arnold Pinnock, Daren Herbert, Christopher Russell, Asha Bromfield, Ciara Alexys