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Comedy, Drama

Jake, the 20-something son of a washed-up travel writer, accompanies his eccentric, philandering father to the old family cabin in the woods. There, they will co-author a book that promises to restore the old man's reputation and heal the wounds between the two men. When things take a terrible turn, Jake is forced to come to terms with a man he barely knew. Exactly how Jake reconciles his estranged father's legacy will determine his own. A story of father-son relationships, family secrets, and a hidden horseshoe set against a breath-taking backdrop of autumnal forests and mirrored lakes, Algonquin reflects the nature and paths of healing.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Spiral Entertainment Ltd. ,Berkeley Films

DIRECTOR: Jonathan Hayes

Cast/Participants: Mark Rendall, Nicholas Campbell, Sheila McCarthy, Michael Levinson, Victoria Sanchez, Boyd Banks

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