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23 Kilometres

Documentary, Drama
English (Available subtitled in English)

This impressionistic film is a journey into the mind and life of a man with a crippling disease.   In addition to the tremors and shakes, Barkev suffers from the lesser known ‘monster’ of Parkinson’s, the relentless hallucinations that swing him back and forth between time and space.

A machine maker and an amateur cosmologist,  Barkev can no longer speak.  Yet through his journals,  his machines,  and powerful imagery with music,  the film  travels both physically and metaphorically into the past and the future of both the man and his country Lebanon.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Six Island Productions ,Saaren Films

Coproduction Partner(s): Musa Dagh Productions

DIRECTOR: Noura Kevorkian

Cast/Participants: Barkev Keorkian, Lara Scherzer, Jano Sherbetjian

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