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Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2019

1.0 An online showcase for Toute la vie

The ICI Télé team developed an online broadcast site platform to meet their regular standards. The Toute la vie website is the online hub for anyone wanting to know more about the series, to stream it live online, or to learn how to view it in catch-up mode. It’s where you’ll find the synopsis of the series, episode summaries, live and catch-up links, links to various social media platforms, and character profiles, as well as access to extra content produced for the digital component.

2.0 Jimmy Beaulieu puts his pencils and paint brushes to work in ‘Jimmy Beaulieu pour Toute la vie’

Jimmy Beaulieu is a comic-book artist well known for his exceptional drawings, sketches, and graphic novels. In order to support the show with meaningful, shareable, and interesting content during the 24 episodes of Toute la vie broadcast in Season 1, Jimmy agreed to produce one sketch a week based on a highlight from the most recent episode. Each drawing is designed to transcend a central emotion of the week in another format. It will represent more than a mere reproduction of a scene by going beyond what is said or seen to possibly linking it to something in the next episode whenever this is possible.

Each drawing is inspired by a scene chosen by the author, Danielle Trottier. The drawings will feed the show’s Instagram and Facebook accounts, and will be posted on Twitter to generate conversations on the scene or theme addressed.

Comic-book artist Jimmy Beaulieu has a very poetic and sometimes biting way of portraying not just women, human relationships, and everyday life, but also misfortune, confusion, and the bizarre by adding a surprising touch of beauty.

3.0 Videoclips directed by Étienne Marcoux

Production of 12 non-fictional videoclips shot on the set. The clips will be produced for fans and the general public in order to promote the series and the characters, but also to maintain a high interest level on social media during the broadcast.

The short-format clips will focus on the story and characters or provide a documentary-type look on a topic from the series.

A montage of character profiles narrated by the author and the actors, and interviews with teenage girls about the acting challenges they faced in developing their characters. And, obviously, an interview with Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc is in order since she plays the leading role of Tina Carpentier, the Grand Manitou and guiding light of École Marie-Labrecque.

4.0 Instagram account and other social media


One of the objectives of the series is, of course, to extend its range with a younger target audience. Considering the main topic of the series—becoming a teenage mother/parent— it’s important that the digital component project reach out to those under 25 years of age. One of the ways to achieve this objective is by having a Toute la vie Instagram account.

The contents for this account may have, if necessary, a more dynamic, trendier tone in keeping with the Instagram look and to resonate better with teenage viewers.

The content recommended for the platform will be designed for posting on social media, including content featuring teenage characters in the series, images from the set, and Jimmy Beaulieu’s illustrations, all of which correspond well to Instagram parameters.



The Toute la vie Facebook page already has more than 16,000 followers. It was set up immediately after author Danielle Trottier’s appearance on Tout le monde en parle, with the objective of concentrating all inquiries and information in one place, knowing that the conclusion of Unité 9 and Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc’s departure from District 31 would be an opportunity to attract new fans to the new Toute la vie series by posting mentions on the various Aetios Productions (30 Vies, Aetios productions, District 31, Fabienne Larouche, Ruptures, Unité 9, Virginie) social media accounts.


The official Toute la vie website provides a public contact point for fans who want to know more about the series and what’s been happening at École Marie-Labrecque. The content is gradually posted on the site as the episodes unfold. In order to make the series known to as many people as possible, content will also be produced and posted before Toute la vie is broadcast at the start of the 2019–2020 school year, not only to increase awareness for the show but to get the conversation really going on social media by September 1.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Aetios Productions

Coproduction Partner(s): ICI Télé

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