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Totally Random


Totally Random’s skit-comedy format and interactive site teaches kids (7-11 years) about safe social networking, digital media creation and online community interaction. A huge library of random elements supplies the raw materials for cool and crazy digital creations. Original “seeds” images can be modified with an online editor and media library and then passed on to the Totally Random community. The key to the website is its ability to bring together kids from across the country, and around the world, as they work on building digital creations we call SnowBalls.

Each episode presented by energetic hosts Ryley, Jayden and Mason features wild adventures that mix user-created content with the chaos of random skits. They also set the stage for the seeds and themes of the next episode’s challenges. It’s a tradition-defying partnership between producer and viewer that creates content for a webseries the viewer will in turn watch. What will you create?

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Mountain Road Productions

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