Star Rangers

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Star Rangers is an open ‘sandbox’ of the local solar system incorporating NASA content, with an emphasis on building gear with 3D printers to help you survive. The game is in private alpha now. Locales on Mars, including the Victoria Crater, the Million Mounds area of the Moon, and a best-guess depiction of what it’s like under the ice on Europa (!) are all available right now, as well as test locales around the Solar System.


  • Multi-player
  • Custom Characters
  • Mission and Sandbox Modes
  • Blueprints
  • Racing! Multi-Player with Bots!
  • Racing is Oculus Rift Compatible. Plug and Play - let us know. 
  • Authentic Environments throughout the Solar System - Mars, the Moon, Europa, Saturn Orbit, the Asteroid Belt
  • Mine, Build, Explore, Advance, Survive
  • Incorporates NASA Content
  • Modding tools coming very soon - for user-generated maps.

Original Soundtrack by Artists Famine, Joe Silva, and Ali Khan.
Vocals by Katy Hedalen-Shariff and Yvonne Dueck.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Project Whitecard Studios

Coproduction Partner(s): Awestruck Games

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