Simplement Vedette VII - MN


Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2017

Anyone who goes online for their primary source of information, be it through through social media, the Bell network, or direct search, can easily access the site, the gateway into the world of SV7.

Users will enjoy original content posted to the site, including vlogs by Marie-Claude Savard, episodes from the series, as well as additional information on the episodes and the subjects covered. Links and images promoting the series are also integrated into the pages to encourage visitors to tune in to Canal Vie so they won’t miss a single broadcast (or rebroadcast) from the series.

Direct access to the Canal Vie site also provides access to the Simplement Vedette broadcast schedule as well as to all the other online information Canal Vie has on its many other shows that may be of interest to Simply Vedette viewers.

In this way, the microsite encourages a frequent visiting cycle for its own regularly updated material in addition to all that is available on the Canal Vie portal it provides direct access to.

Social media

The subjects covered by Simplement Vedette will resonate with a large segment of the viewing public, either through their compassion for others or through their own personal experience. Viewers often want to share their personal experiences or ask questions.

To this end, Facebook and Twitter pages have been set up to make it easy for individuals who are directly concerned by certain topics to speak among themselves and share their stories, but also to talk to a moderator. SV7 even goes as far as using Facebook’s live video function to broadcast real-time messages to users along with posting responses and responding to selected comments.


And, of course, Simplement Vedette features celebrities who have experienced and dealt with very particular, difficult situations and that, for the most part, communities already exist for people in similar situations. Such communities will naturally be drawn to the episodes on celebrities who have lived through what their members have.

This online exchange of visibility with helpful links to relevant communities is one sure-fire way to reach them. Another way is by using celebrity power to highlight the topics covered by episodes to attract as many viewers as possible.

This is a great opportunity for promoting the series since viewers like these will share content from Simplement Vedette with their communities and friends in social media, and by word of mouth.


To sum up, Simplement Vedette 7 provides a multimedia experience that allows anyone, fan and non-fan alike, to discover more about the moving topics covered in many different ways. Whether viewers start online or on mobile, they’re always able to get more details and to satisfy their curiosity with easy access to the most complete and accurate information.


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