Second Jen


Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 6 x 30 (TV)

The series depicts the real - and really funny - struggles of second generation millennials trying to assert their independence and figure out who they are while dealing with their overbearing immigrant families who think they know them, and know what’s best for them.

Jennifer “Jen” Wu is a neurotic overachiever ready to bulldoze her way into a career and future – only to find the world - and her overbearing mother - blocking her at every turn. Jennifer “Mo” Monteloyola is a gutsy, fun loving, nerd-girl who is not emotionally ready to let go of her childhood, but is impulsive enough to dive in head first. They are polar opposites, yet bound by friendship and the shared fallout from their decisions, be it for better or for worse…usually worse.

Fending for themselves in a dumpy downtown apartment, Jen and Mo find friendship with their upstairs  dwelling neighbours –Nate, an awkward romantic, and Lewis, a man-child. Together, the four straddle the gap between adulthood and childhood, between family traditions and finding their way. As the housemates navigate through new romances, strained friendships and sketchy jobs on Craigslist, they learn they can make it on their own.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Second Jen 2015 Inc. ,Don Ferguson Productions Ltd.

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