Roast Battle - Le grand duel


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 8 capsules de 2 à 4 minutes

Roast Battle audience entertainment: Le grand duel continues online as influencer Marc-Antoine Montpetit hosts a variety of videoclips guaranteed to make fans laugh out loud. Thanks to him, we get access to exclusive content like Alexandre Barrette’s predictions as well as advice from chief judge Mike Ward. You can also enjoy related interviews with the show’s various roasters and watch them compete against each other in every kind of game and duel imaginable. The microsite also features funny and far-fetched profiles of each participant and gives each one of them the chance to pick the winner in each duel.

Host: Marc-Antoine Montpetit

Participants: Alexandre Barrette, Mike Ward, Mehdi Bousaidan, Korine Côté, Mélanie Couture, Yannick De Martino, Charles Deschamps, Franky, Frank Grenier, Jean-Thomas Jobin, Didier Lambert, Jérémie Larouche, Erich Étienne, Alex Roof, Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais, Arnaud Soly, Julien Tremblay, and Rosalie Vaillancourt.


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