Pop Rocket Rescue


Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2016

Get ready for a highly addictive, out-of-this-world stacking puzzler! Pop Rocket Rescue is an interplanetary physics-based adventure where your mission is to rescue Fizzies, a species of pop-producing aliens scattered throughout space.

The Fizzies have been ALIENated from their home planet, and need to be housed in bottles for transportation back to Poptropolis. Players must strategically stack and balance bottles in order to reach the most precariously-positioned Fizzies, using each Fizzie's special flavor - like Gloop's sticky syrup, or Cherry BOOM's explosive ability - to complete the operation and restore Poptropolis to its former carbonated glory.

The more Fizzies you rescue, the higher your star count - but stack carefully, as you'll lose everything if your tower topples. Pop Rocket Rescue will challenge your brain and test your logic for 80 FIZZtastic levels - then, unlock Mystery Mode and Timed Mode to keep the fun flowing. To inFIZZnity and beyond!

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Guru Arcade ,Guru Studio

AVAILABLE ON: Web/Site web

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