Oh No! Ninjas!

English, French

Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 5 months

Oh no! Ninjas are attacking! Type words to defeat them! Ninjas will never learn their lesson, which in this case is to not get involved in word games.

Oh No! Ninjas! is a fast and fun word typing mobile and PC game available on Google Play, the App Store, the Microsoft Store, Facebook Gameroom, and Steam. It is available in English on all platforms and in French on Google Play and the App Store.

Key features include unique characters, accessories, and arenas to customize your gaming experience. Oh No! Ninjas also includes missions, achievements, and upgrades to discover and unlock for an added challenge. Choose from a variety of word lists; there is a word list for everyone from foodies to bookworms! 


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