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Nun Attack


Nun Attack delivers hours of exciting, humorous entertainment through intuitive touch-screen controls and tongue-in-cheek character dialogues. Explore multiple worlds, equip your nuns with a badass arsenal, fend off waves of enemies and bosses, or beat some holy truth into hundreds of demons.

When prayers are no longer answered and evil is taking over, then it’s time to give divine intervention the right arsenal.

Beside nuns with guns, you get:

  • 4 characters, each with its own personality and super power
  • 40 missions, including multiple levels with 3 epic bossfights and a final, climatic face-off with the Fallen Nun
  • Over 80 different guns with a range of powers (stun, slow, DOT, AoE, Knockback, Fear, Charm)
  • 7 different miracles to smack down evil
  • A full shop to get things really rocking


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