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Mysticons Website and Games

Games, Web

Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2017

Mysticons webgames is a series of web-based games set in the world of the Mysticons, in which a group of young girls are transformed into legendary warriors who must thwart the plans of an evil mage, Necrafa. Players will journey across the city, playing as each of the Mysticons, as they battle the Spectral Hand in a host of different game styles, each with the common goal of protecting Gemina and the citizens of Drake City.

Arkayna Attack

Necrafa has sent her most powerful minions to rain destruction on Centaur Park, putting countless lives at risk. Arkayna volunteers to use her fearsome array of spells to drive Necrafa’s goons back into hiding.

Cover of Night

Necrafa’s minions have planted magical devices all around The Undercity - that slowly drain the life force from its inhabitants. To make matters worse, they’re under constant surveillance to prevent tampering. Zarya’s unique set of skills comes into play as she sets out to sneak through the security detail and sabotage Necrafa’s devices.

Piper Parkour

When Necrafa’s minions plant magical firebombs all over the city, there’s no one better than Piper to get them quickly and safely tossed into the depths of Nereid Bay. Each level of the game begins with Piper donning a backpack containing the bomb, and beginning her perilous sprint across the city rooftops.

Em's Mayhem

When the Gemstone of Hope is scheduled to be displayed in Magi Mall, Necrafa sends Kymraw to steal it for her own nefarious purposes. Thankfully, Em intercepts Kymraw and manages to snag the gem before she can bring it all the way to Necrafa. Getting back to safety will be quite a challenging gauntlet, but she has a plan - encase the gem in her shield spell and use it as a wrecking ball!

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Relish Interactive Inc. ,Nelvana Digital

AVAILABLE ON: Web/Site web ,Web/Site web

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