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My Paper World

English, French

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2019

Unfold your child’s imagination through origami and augmented reality games while they explore and learn about environmental health themes. With My Paper World, kids will explore a world in trouble, full of pollution that needs to be removed using their creations such as trees, animals and more to help the earth... one origami at a time.

Challenge kids to learn origami crafts, solve problems, think flexibly, follow instructions, and more. 

- Learn origami, solve problems, think flexibly, and follow instructions. 
- Scan the origami creations to unlock their augmented reality (AR) counterparts!
- Follow on-screen folding instructions with step by step descriptions and supporting animation, so every step is clear to follow. Origami models use milestones every three or four folds in order to review progress before moving forward.
- Unlock up to thirteen (13) augmented reality models. 
- In the “Save the World” game mode, you are encouraged to use environmentally conscious decisions to clean pollution and preserve the wildlife on your planet.
- Unlock up to 5 levels, each with increasing complexity, so you can see more and more models live on your planet.
- The “Save the World” activity also has a feature that allows you to see your saved planet in augmented reality. 
- Save your creations by taking pictures of trophies and “Save the World” planets using your camera.
- My Paper World utilizes printing designs on paper to fold Origami. Access printing designs through our app or website, each print has all the information to follow the folding instructions, and it’s free to download.
- No scissors needed! My Paper World’s origami uses standard printing size paper (Letter/A4).


Coproduction Partner(s): Kiwa Digital