Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: N/A

Since first hitting the airwaves in 2015, Madam Lebrun has enjoyed phenomenal success both on the airwaves and online. The show’s ultra-loyal audience tunes in to the show week after week, generating ratings that are among the highest broadcast on Super Écran and syndicated on Canal D for the past three seasons. Conversations on social media clearly indicate that Quebecers have literally adopted Madame Lebrun and her quirky gang as their own. So, it’s no surprise that the announcement of Season 4 was met with wild enthusiasm.

This season, a number of new features will be appearing online, including “Les consultations de Germaine,” a new series of exclusive video clips featuring the Madame herself, a five-episode behind-the-scenes podcast will be recorded, and professional photographer Julie Perreault will produce a series of portraits of all the main characters in the series. You can expect some truly outrageous results you’re sure to enjoy. And for anyone playing catch-up, all content from previous seasons will continue to be available online.


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