Louis Says-Learn & Play III

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Region: Western

“Louis Says–Learn and Play III” is an interactive appisode based on the TV show Louis Says. An interactive appisode is an animated video where interactive activities and games are presented to the viewer as the story unfolds.

Louis Says–Learn and Play III combines video and interactive content to give the user the opportunity to actively participate in the story. In this appisode Randy gets ready to go camping with Mr. Thompson, but first he needs the help of the user to turn a donut into a marry-go-round for the animal crackers to play with. While camping, Randy asks the user to help him set up the tent. Mr. Thompson teaches Randy about the constellations, and about the sweat lodge ceremony. At night Randy dreams that he’s Super Randy, a superhero who travels to the past where he will encounter his ancestors. A woman will tell Super Randy that the elder in charge of conducting the sweat lodge ceremony went missing. With the help of the user Super Randy will find the elder and will navigate the river bringing the elder back to the village.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Louis Says III Productions

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