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Les Parent VIII


Work in progress on the new digital Les Parent digital platform includes four major initiatives:

  1. Creation of new content in the series presented in blog format
  2. Addition of “Like” buttons to enhance visitor engagement on the site
  3. An assortment of related content to attract even more interest, visits and clicks
  4. A more streamlined, effective platform (web and mobile versions)

Please note that all content from the last season will still be available and that the proposed upgrades also apply to older blog posts.

Now that the Les Parent platform has assembled a solid community of website visitors and demand for content is obvious, it seems entirely appropriate to develop a new series of equally exciting content. In concrete terms, for the next season we will produce:

  • 30 new articles on the blog
  • 10 SMS
  • 10 new, exclusive video spots in vlog style

The penetrating, off-the-wall wit of these posts will of course be preserved for all content produced.


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